Real Accessability Screen Reader Support

The Real Accessability screen read out loud the contents of the page to the user who may have difficulty reading the content due to contrast, size, or other visual issues. If you are having any trouble with the screen reader, please follow the troubleshooting advice below


Browser Compatibility

Chrome 40+Yes
Edge 14+Yes
Internet ExplorerNo

For complete compatibility, please check ResponsiveVoice Browser Compatibility

Is Your Javascript Enabled?

Other Potential Issues

If using a different browser or turning on Javascript does not solve your problems, please consider the following...

  1. Please ensure that your speakers are on and working
  2. It is possible that the content parsing system is not working. Please contact 508fi
  3. There may be a browser incompatibility issue not yet known, please contact ResponsiveVoice Support
  4. Request support from the Real Accessability plug in creators

Thank you again and we hope you can make use of our speech-to-text system.